West Coast Adventure Riders

Come live your adventure! West Coast Adventure Riders is here to help you have fun and bring the best of adventure into your life. You’ve all seen them, covered in dust and dirt with grins so big you can see them behind their helmets. We all have that “friend” on Facebook that posts amazing pictures of their latest adventure. Those pictures make us think about the beautiful scenery, the twisty roads, how they got across that river, and what an adventure they must have had! That’s right adventure riding is one of the most fun and exciting experiences you can have.

Live your own adventure! We offer the West Coast as our playground everything from Death Valley to exclusive wineries, from the world famous Alice’s Restaurant to forgotten ghost towns. Our adventure tours have experiences from exciting tarmac coastal canyon roads to single track dirt trails in the scenic Sierra Mountains and everything in-between. Come take the road less traveled with West Coast Adventure Riders.